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Jubilarian priests thankful for call to serve

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Jubilarians_IllustrationBy VICTOR CALDERON
The New vision

After 50 years as a priest, Msgr. Thomas Cahalane of Our Mother of Sorrows Parish in Tucson said he has come to learn he doesn’t have all of the answers in life.
“The overwhelming sentiment I have is one of gratitude for God’s call to serve others,” said Msgr. Cahalane, who is one of six Jubilarian priests in the Diocese of Tucson celebrating 50 years as a priest. Two priests are commemorating 40 years while nine more have 25 years.
Msgr. Cahalane, a native of Ireland, has served as pastor at Our Mother of Sorrows since 1981. He has also served at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Scottsdale, St. Bartholomew Parish in San Manuel and at St. Augustine Cathedral  and as Director of Youth Ministry and Vicar of Ministries for Christian Education in Tucson.
“I very much like the participation of people in this community in the life of the Church and their wonderful support being in this ministry together,” he said.
Msgr. Cahalane has published a book of poetry called “The Poetry Within.”
“It has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed working in the Diocese of Tucson,” he said. “I’m hopeful and enthusiastic God’s spirit will continue to lead the Church.”

The Jubliarian priests are:
—50 Years —

Msgr. Thomas Cahalane
Assignments:  Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Scottsdale; St. Bartholomew Parish, San Manuel; St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson; Director of Youth Ministry and Vicar of Ministries for Christian Education, Diocese of Tucson; Pastor, Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, Tucson.
Memorable moment as a priest: “My high point is encountering God in people’s everyday lives.”

Father Charles Knapp
Assignments: St. Helen Parish, Eloy; Sts. Simon and Jude Parish, Phoenix; St. Francis Parish, Yuma; Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, Tucson; St. Bernard Parish, Pirtleville; Sacred Heart Parish, Nogales; St. Joseph’s Parish, Tucson; St. George Parish, Apache Junction; Marriage Encounter, Tucson; St. Rose of Lima Parish, Safford; St. Patrick’s Parish, Bisbee; now retired from parish assignments, active prison ministry
Memorable moment as a priest: “The grace of God has been working well in me. Attending a Marriage Encounter weekend in 1994 was a life-changing experience for me because it allowed me to get away from the day-to-day tasks and help mentor couples.”

Msgr. Thomas Millane
Assignments: St. Thomas Parish, Phoenix; Holy Cross Parish, Morenci; St. Joseph Parish, St. Odilia Parish, Tucson; St. Andrew Parish, Sierra Vista; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Tucson; now retired and Vicar for Retired Priests
Msgr. Millane served as pastor at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish from its founding in 1980 to 2012. It became a parish that was formed to meet the needs of people from the western part of St. Odilia Parish. The church was built in 1982 and it embraced parishioners that had been attending Mass in the cafeteria at nearby Butterfield Elementary School. The church was blessed and dedicated on Dec. 12, 1982, by Bishop Manuel D. Moreno. In 2001, to meet the needs of the people on the northwest side of Tucson, an elementary school was approved at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, relieving pressure on Immaculate Heart Elementary School, which had a long waiting list for all grades. The school opened in 2003. He now serves as Vicariate for the retired priests.

Father William Dougherty
Father Dougherty is a member of the Paulist community who served many years in our Diocese at St. Cyril Parish.
Assignments: Good Shepherd, New York; Paulist Center, Boston; St. Paul’s Parish, Richardson, Tex; St. Mark’s University Parish, Santa Barbara, Calif.; St. Thomas More Newman Center, Columbus, Ohio; University Catholic Center, Austin, Tex., Mexican-American Cultural Center, San Antonio; St. Cyril Parish, Tucson, now retired.

Father Foster Hanley, O. Carm.
Father Hanley is a member of the Carmelite community .
Assignments: Whitefriars Hall, Washington, D.C.; De Sales High School, Louisville; St. Clara Parish, Chicago; Mt. Carmel High School, Houston; Salpointe Catholic High School and St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tucson
Father Hanley has served at Salpointe Catholic High School since 1978 and as an adjunct chaplan at St. Joseph’s Hospital since 1985. He has been active in the Search Youth retreat movement and was honored in March with the Distinguished Youth Ministry Service Award.

Father Nicholas Widhammer
Father Widhammer is a member of the Capuchin Franciscan community that has a residence near St. Augustine Cathedral and assists in a number of parishes in our Diocese.
Assignments: St. Lawrence High School Seminary, Mt. Calvary, Wisc.; St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Milwaukee; Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Saudi Arabia; Casa San Jose, Tucson
Memorable moment as a priest: Father Widhammer has been at Casa San Jose since 2004 and has also served at Corpus Christi Parish in Tucson, Our Lady of the Valley Parish in Green Valley and Most Holy Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish in Rio Rico.
“I enjoying serving young families especially, hearing their confessions and serving at weekend Masses. The Diocese of Tucson is a great place to be for a retired priest. I feel appreciated here. I’ve had a wonderful career.”

— 40 years —

John Allt
Father John Allt
Assignments: St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Casa Grande; Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Miami, Ariz.; Chancery. He served as a Chancellor with Bishop Manuel Moreno and as pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Tucson; now is pastor at St. Rita in the Desert Parish, Vail.
Father Allt has served as pastor at St. Rita in the Desert since 2008. The parish is in the rolling desert community of Vail, which is nestled in the shadows of the Rincon Mountains, southeast of Tucson proper.
He is currently the President of the Priests Assurance Association. Father Allt has been a great contributor to the work of the Diocese, Bishop Kicanas said.


Father Walter Balduck, O.F.M., Cap.
Father Balduck is member of the Capuchin Franciscan community.
Assignments: St. Elizabeth Parish, Milwaukee; St. Margaret Mary Parish, Colstrip, Mont.; Capuchin House, San Jose and Nuestra Señora de Fatima parishes, Nicaragua; St. Anthony Parish, Tecumen, Panama; St. Bonaventure Monastery, Detroit; Queen of Angels Retreat, Saginaw, Mich.; Casa San Jose, Tucson; St. Therese of Lisieux Parish, Patagonia; he is currently the administrator of Blessed Sacrament Parish, Mammoth, where he is much loved.
Memorable moment as a priest: “I enjoyed being in Patagonia where I was the parish administrator at St. Therese of Lisieux. I liked the mountains, the view, the running water and the lake and especially the people. I have also served in Nicaragua during a civil war there and in Panama. I’ve been an itinerant priest. I’ve enjoyed moving around. I’m grateful to God for the call to ministry.”

— 25 years —

Father Peter Agema
Father Agema came to the Diocese of Tucson as a missionary from the Makurdi Diocese in Nigeria.
Assignments: Nigeria- Abuja, St. Anne’s Parish in Adikpo, St. Patrick’s Parish in Ushongo, St. Francis Parish in Gboko, Iyoli Kristu Parish in Abwa; St. John the Evangelist and Sacred Heart parishes in Tucson
Memorable moment as a priest: “I am grateful to God and have gratitude to have been considered worthy to serve… I must always , in words and deeds, do my best to express the ministry to the people. I can say I am truly appreciative to the Diocese of Tucson and Bishop Gerald Kicanas.”

Father Patrick Crino
Assignments: Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Tucson; Vocations Director, Diocese of Tucson; Yuma- St. Francis of Assisi, St. John Neumann and Immaculate Conception parishes; St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson.
Father Crino is currently the pastor of Sts. Peter & Paul parish, Tucson. Serves in the Diocesan Finance Council, the Diocesan Building Committee and he is a member of the presbyteral council as Vicar for Pima Central.
Memorable moment as a priest: “25 years didn’t seem to take that long to get here. It’s been great to be a priest here in the Diocese since I grew up at Our Mother of Sorrows (where he was baptized). There are great people throughout this Diocese helping to advance the mission of the Church. The great thing about serving as a priest is understanding what it means to be a member of Christ’s Church. You see how all the membership of the Church builds up the body of Christ.”

Father Victor Lugo
Father Lugo comes to the Diocese of Tucson as a missionary from the Philippines.
Assignments: The Philippines- Quezon, Calamba City, San Pablo City, Lipa City, Antipolo City, Quezon City, Caldocan City; St. Joseph Parish, Tucson
Memorable moment as a priest: “I’m enjoying the Diocese of Tucson, except for the weather (laughs) I’m enjoying serving the people, especially youth ministry. I enjoy the volunteer workers we have in our Diocese. You can see the willing spirit in them. Thank you Lord for the blessings you have given to me and for being patient with me. (Being a priest) is a gift.”

Father John Lyons
Assignments: Immaculate Conception, Yuma; Tucson- Chancellor for the Diocese of Tucson with Bishop Manuel Moreno , Sts. Peter and Paul Parish and now serves as pastor of  St. Thomas the Apostle Parish; is Judicial Vicar for the Diocese and serves on the Presbyteral Council as Vicar for Pima North
Memorable moment as a priest: “Being an associate to (Msgr. Richard) Dixie O’Keeffe (at Immaculate Conception) has been a great example of what it means to be a priest. He didn’t smother us but let us find our own ministry.”

Father Gilbert Malu Musumbu
Assignments: San Rafael Arcangel, Mexico City; St. Francis of Assisi, Yuma; St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson;  He is now the Pastor of several parishes including St. Luke and Immaculate Conception  parishes in Douglas and St. Bernard Parish, Pirtleville.
He is among several priests who pastor several parishes at one time, a challenging ministry.
Memorable moment as a priest:  Father Gilbert, a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, serves three parishes in Douglas and Pirtleville. In November, St. Luke’s Parish in Douglas caught on fire and parishioners have been relocated during reconstruction.
“It has been a blessing with my time in the Diocese; everyone has been wonderful,” Father Gilbert said. “The Bishops I have worked under (Bishop Kicanas and Bishop Manuel Moreno) have been father figures to me.”

Father Gregory May
Father May is a Redemptorist priest, who has been involved in Hispanic ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago and in our own Diocese.
Assignments: Has served at parishes in Houston, Detroit and Denver; Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson
Memorable moment as a priest: “I’ve been at the Redemptorist Center for a year-and-a-half. It’s enjoyable being of service to people in the Diocese. The center is a beautiful area for people to come to the desert and be closer to their spirituality. I like to think I’m halfway to 50 years so I hope to serve another 25 years.”

Fr. Gregory Okafur

Father Gregory Okafor
Father Okafor comes to the Diocese of Tucson as a missionary priest, originally to study for an advanced degree. He recently earned his Doctorate degree.
Assignments: St. Mark’s Parish, Oro Valley; St. Augustine Cathedral, Tucson; served several parishes in his native Nigeria; Tucson- St. Mark’s and St. Pius X parishes
Memorable moment as a priest: “I have served at St. Pius X since 2003…My life as a priest has been fulfilling. I chose to be a priest in my childhood. I love helping people, especially with the Annointing of the Sick.”
monsignors trevizo

Msgr. Raul Trevizo
Assignments: Tucson parishes St. Monica, St. Augustine Cathedral, Vocations Director for the Diocese, St. John’s, past Vicar Forane. He is currently Vicar for Hispanic Affairs and Vicar General for the Diocese, as well as pastor of one of our largest parishes, St. John the Evangelist.
He serves on the Presbyteral Council and is a highly respected priest throughout our Diocese.
Memorable moment as a priest: ”It has been  the greatest privilege to serve people… I love the community here… I have fallen more in love with God. I feel the more you love, the more you will give back.”
Rev. Thomas M. Tureman, SDS

Father Thomas Tureman
Fahter Tureman is a Salvatorian priest on assignment in Tucson.
Assignments: Tucson parishes Most Holy Trinity, St. Cyril, served with Pima County Interfaith Council. We are blessed to have him back in our Diocese.
Memorable moment as a priest: “One of the things that gives me the greatest joy is community organizing… I have focused on social justice work.”

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