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Catholic schools offer Christian-based youth sports
Diocese of Tucson honored for work with national program

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American FootballBy SHERI DAHL
The New Vision

Each year we in the Diocese of Tucson learn so much about our work in Catholic education from the mutual collaboration of programs we have with the University of Notre Dame.
One program in which we have been participating for the last three years is, called “Play Like a Champion Today,” which focuses on coaching as a ministry and what that means to student-athletes, coaches and parents.
Every year, our Diocesan youth sports director attends an annual conference in South Bend, Ind.  Last year, the program recognized the Diocese of Tucson for its work on Standard Operating Procedure for Safe Environment training for coaches and youth coaches.  This year, The Department of Catholic Schools is proud to announce that the Diocese of Tucson’s youth sports program was again honored by the program on June 21 for our work in making sure parents are trained in the Play Like a Champion Today philosophy.  The implementation of the parent education piece has resulted in a more comprehensive and effective program for the children and their families.
Erica Cornett, diocesan youth sports co-director, and Laura Van Moorleghem, the Athletic Director at St. Joseph’s Elementary School in Tucson, attended the three-day conference to continue their education in the program and to return to Tucson with valuable tools to better incorporate the program’s methods within the diocesan youth sports league.  The conference was jam-packed with inspirational workshops in order to help partners continue to “change the culture of sports”.
Both directors came back rejuvenated and excited to share the information they learned from the conference with those involved in the youth sports program so that it can continue to become a more Christian-based competitive league.
As program director Kristin Sheehan said, “Each year, we honor a ‘Play Like A Champion’ program partner for their contribution to changing the culture of sports. This year we selected the two partners who moved to making parent workshops mandatory throughout this school year: the Archdiocese of Denver and the Diocese of Tucson. We spoke to conference participants about the importance of the parent program, the strength of leadership needed to require this workshop and the rigor of implementing it across a league. We introduced Erica and Laura and invited them forward to receive the honor on behalf of the Diocese of Tucson.”

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Diocese of Tucson honored for work with national program

Anthony Delatorre says: February 14, 2014 at 6:08 pm

It was very refreshing to read this article as well as informative and ultimately, inspiring. I myself have been working at Immaculate Heart high school sense 2010 – 2011 school year. Originally, I was asked to assist in coaching the spring varsity golf team and compacted with the fact that my Little sister was transitioning from the middle school to her freshman year at the high school. I decided to go ahead and volunteer as well as submit some feedback on areas for which the school and students could benefit using my background in management consulting, sports management, marketing, business development and other strategies of streamlining revenue. I did not however, expect to be so moved through my involvement with the youth at the school and the overwhelming open arms and caring, dedicated, heart of the faculty and staff. Accordingly, what started out to be a afternoon of volunteering to coach Golf became a daily schedule comprised of personally investing into developing & planing solutions for every student athlete, in any compacity they may have needed to help open their eyes to see their true potential and once seen, there was no going back. Ironically, every time I was a part of mentoring and molding these young adults development I too was smitten with the ideals of aspiring to work every day at being a better person and to always put forth my best effort to fulfill my responsibility and duty of giving all I can offer to assist in assisting to promote the continual traditions and mission of Immaculate Heart to better fulfill the institutions obligations and investment to all students.
Since then, four years have passed and I am still inspired as well as motivated and dedicated to continually pursue attaining aid and resources of growth for the school, it’s wonderfully dedicated staff, The proud student body & The sisters of Immaculate Heart and the community infrastructure for the ministry as a whole.
In summation, this article is the foundation and routes for which The developmental strategies and mentor consulting proposal as well as financial plans depicting how implementing quality management of the athletics department as a way of promoting qualitative and quantitative successful student athletes as well as advertise the proud tradition of providing nothing but the best and molding young minds, Spirits, hearts and overall faith. The overwhelming outputs and results show this to not only be the fastest but also best way of providing resources across the board for all current studies provided to every student of Immaculate Heart as well as make available the development of more programs by which every student can reap the benefits of better tools available to an already selfless, humble, modest, personally invested and dedicated teachers/staff/administrators. The following list embodies specific areas exemplifying the forementioned student benefits: spiritual growth, moral maturation, life preparation as responsible Christian Youth:Adults, highest quality of college preparatory education, programs promoting the assistance of each student receiving the best support in achieving their ambitions/dreams & ensuring the sisters of Immaculate Heart as well as It’s community/parish a Silver-lining of honorable assurances of Immaculate Hearts institution of education a prosperous future.

Thank You & God Bless,

Anthony R. Delatorre

If you have any information, references, feedback, words of wisdom, ideas and/or advice to help me or the school to implement the summarized strategy proposed or other strategic growth-development tips. I would greatly appreciate as well as warmly welcome all and any replies.

– “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all. But whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess. “


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